5 Stages of Marketing

These five stages of marketing are what you need to know in order to grow your business. We make it easier for you to assist the process of understanding the five stages listed below. We will become a team and dominate the competition (bigger branded businesses). Contact us now!

  1. Identify
    • What is your identity?
      • What do your customer say about your business?
    • How do you want to be recognized throughout the community?
  2. Logo
    • What is the reasoning behind your logo?
    • Are you open to changing it to help increase your brand?
  3. Design
    • What is the theme behind your business?
  4. Strategy
    • How do you bring customers in?
    • What do you do where others don’t?
  5. Marketing
    • What kind of marketing do you do?
      • Billboard?
      • Newspaper?
      • Word of Mouth?
      • Social Media?
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